Tohfah-e-Zehra (SA)

Imam Jaf’ar Sadiq (a.s): He who arranges for a single person to get married will be amongst those whom Allah (s.w.t.) will regard (with mercy) on the Day of Resurrection”.

(Ref: Al Kafi, Vol. 5, Page 331, No.2)


Tohfah-E-Zehra (s.a.), is a secondary project handled by the volunteers of Zawwar-e-Masoomeen (a.s.) This project tries to provide help to our community girls getting married. The project was started up in Mahe Rajab (year 2009). The need of starting this project was felt because in course of our inquiries and visiting houses, we found that there are many orphan girls in our community. Secondly we came across many husband abandoned cases where the father leaves the wife and children. We have seen their daughters getting married and we were very sad to see their condition in marriages.

We also came across families where the father is a plumber, carpenter, auto driver where the family income would be Rs 5000 monthly, and they stay in a rented house. The house rent comes up to Rs 3000 monthly. The father hardly has anything left to save money. So it is very difficult to manage things and marriage still is a very big social evil. Also there are some families where the father due to his illness is not able to work example paralysis. The ladies of the houses do washing clothes, cleaning utensils and stitching work for their daily bread.

Other than this, the concept of marriage is a big issue for these people. Having no income or a limited income and having 2-4 daughters in a family becomes a matter of a serious issue for the parent.

So we thought to gift them a small memento so that we can get some smile on their faces and relieve the parent a little bit. With this intention we started this project called Tohfah-E-Zehra (s.a.).

Tohfah-E-Zehra (s.a.), covers orphan girls, husband abandoned families, families where the father is earning a very less staying in rented house having more children and also families where the father is bed ridden or inability to work on account of illness such as paralysis.

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