How It Works

By the Grace of Allah and with the blessings of Masoomeen (a.s.) we have managed to facilitate a lot of marriages since inception of Tohfah-E-Zehra (s.a.) and we are getting more and more requests from momineens and we are trying to help them out.

Year 2011

Month Count
February 5 marriages
March 8 marriages
April 8 marriages
May 21 marriages
June 14 marriages
July 7 marriages
August Mahe Ramadhan
September 9 marriages
October 12 marriages
November 15 marriages

Total Since Feb 2011 = 99 marriages, grand total since inception = 202 marriages

There is an investigation done by the volunteers about the girl and family. We have ladies volunteers who go in field for surveys and also who can go and speak with the ladies of the houses. If the marriages are in home town we try to go and attend the marriage also. Generally these marriages happen in Imambargah or masajids only, as the class of people are so poor that they cannot afford to go beyond that.

The clothes given Alhamdolillah are of a very good quality. We purchase it direct from the manufacturer. This ensures the best quality and price. The clothes include Silk and Jakad cotton having Jamawaram, heavy neck and Daman embroidery concept work, full embroidery kurtas with a blend of two tone Viscos, embroidery, and Pashmina dupattas. The gold given is of 22 Karat gold.

We also make it a point to make reach the Tohfah-E-Zehra (s.a) bag few days before the scheduled marriage so that the arrangements from the families’ side can be done accordingly.

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