Zawwar-e-Masoomeen (AS)

“From every drop of perspiration on the body of Imam’s (a.s) visitor, (in course of ziyarat), Allah creates 70,000 angles who glorify and seek forgiveness for Imam’s (a.s) visitors till the day of Judgement.”
(Mustadrak volume 2, pg 204.)


Zawwar-e-Masoomeen (a.s.) was started up in the year 2008.  It all started up with an idea to send those group of people for the Ziyarat of Masoomeen (a.s.), who have a real urge to go for Ziyarat but the matter of money becomes a big issue for them.  We try to bridge this gap so that these needy momineen can go for the Ziyarat of Masoomeen (a.s.).

We start our working every year in the month of March and we end our year in February. Any of the momeneens can become a member of Zawwar-e-Masoomeen (a.s.), by giving a contribution of INR.100/- (approx. US $ 2.5) per month. The yearly contribution comes up to Rs 1200/- (approx. US $ 30).

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