How It Works

We start our working every year in the month of March and we end our year in February. Any of the momeneens can become a member of Zawwar-e-Masoomeen (a.s.), by giving a contribution of INR.100/- (approx. US $ 2.5) per month. The yearly contribution comes up to Rs 1200/- (approx. US $ 30).

Then we have a raffle draw in the month of December/January. The lucky draw will contain the name of all the enrolled members. Then, who ever member is the winner, has to suggest us a nomination who according to him is Haqdaar and eligible to go for Ziyarat. There is a detailed inquiry process done up by the volunteers of Zawwar-E-Masoomeen (a.s) of the nomination given up by the member.

The inquiry process is a detailed procedure which includes aspects such as the family background, the house being owned or rented, the family issues, the earning members and all possible and detailed information. We, focus on two major things, one the Zawwar being really genuine (Haqdaar) and second that the Zawwar should not have gone for any of the Ziyarats. We do get nominations from members where we get to know that a momin would be Haqdaar but he has gone for the Ziyarat of Umrah and Syria and wants to for the Ziyarat of Iran and Iraq.

Other than this, if the member does not have a nomination to give us, we the team of Zawwar-E-Masoomeen (a.s), have screened up some momeneens and we choose one of them and send for the Ziyarat of Masoomeen (a.s).We come across really Haqdaar momeeneens and we have a big list with us Alhamdolillah.

We send the Haqdaar Zawwars for Ziyarat in the month of June. We need this time gap of five months which is from December to May as we end our year in the month of February, and secondly we require time in screening the Zawwars.

We also need to know the Tour Package rates. Other than this, the class of people which we choose are so poor that they do not have a passport either.

We help them with their passport procedures as well; pay the necessary charges for the documentations and also the passport registration fees.


Alhamdollilah, By the Grace of Allah and with the Blessings of Masoomeen (a.s), we have started accepting memberships for the fourth year (March 2011-February 2012). Other than this, we have have a Trust by the name of ZAWWAR-E-MASOOMEEN (A.S) Trust. We have already submitted our papers to The Charity Commissioner. Mashaallah we have our Trust Account too.

Having the account with us, we have started accepting donations as well as sponsorships, other than the normal memberships wherein a momin can sponsor up for the entire Ziyarat amount for a Zawwar.This may include Hajj and Ziyarats as well. May Allah give us the Taufeeq to serve people more and accept our efforts. Jazaakallah.


For any questions or suggestions, you are requested to Contact Us.  We will reply back to you as soon as we can, Inshallah.

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